T1 CRC protocol (under construction)

Given the start of the screening on colorectal cancer (CRC) in the Netherlands, it might be expected that within a few years 8-40% of all detected colorectal cancers will be early cancers (T1 tumours). This development will necessitate a better understanding of the prognosis, patient selection, treatment options and follow up of this specific group of patients. Although the 2014 Dutch guideline on CRC contains a new chapter on malignant polyps, it does not contain enough detail for daily practice. As a result, there is incoherence in the treatment of patients with T1 CRC tumours. The T1 CRC working group aims to develop an evidence-based guideline.

At this moment the guideline is still under construction and therefore not yet freely available on this website. We expect it to be available end of 2019.

We have provided acces via a password for the members of the T1 CRC working group currently contributing to the guideline. They can acces the content through this link.

For all other interested visitors we ask you kindly to return end of 2019 when we expect the guideline to be freely available.

Yara Backes, UMC Utrecht

Vincent Dik, UMC Utrecht

Gabie de Jong, VUmc

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