The Dutch T1 Working Group is a non-governmental, non-commercial network of clinicians with special interest in T1 CRC. The working group is deeply grateful to the organizations listed below for their current financial support. These grants support a variety of work of the working group, including admistrative support, budget for meetings, costs associated with communication (newsletters, website), the T1 CRC protocol project and the STONE-project. 

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Dutch Digestive Diseases Foundation (MLDS)


Reference: MG/2015-040

Granted to: dr. L.M.G. Moons
Title: Identification of biomarkers for lymph node metastasis in T1 CRCs to improve selection of patients for adjuvant surgery

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Dutch Society of Gastroenterology (NVGE)


Reference: JK/MvG/70.16

Date: 29-09-2016
Granted to: dr. L.M.G. Moons
Title: Grant for multidisciplinary and multicenter research initiatives or working groups.

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Stichting Sacha Swarttouw Hijmans


Date: 15-04-2017
Granted to: Y. Backes, T. Seerden, L. Moons
Title: Iatrogenic tumorseeding caused by contamination of instruments as a potential and preventable cause of metachronous colorectal cancer (contamination-study)

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Girard de Mielot van Coehoorn Stichting


Date: 26-06-2016
Granted to: Y. Backes
Title: Travel grant for tumor course entitled ‘Critical Issues in Tumor Microenvironment: Angiogenesis, Metastasis and Immunology’, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

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Gastrostart (NVGE)


Date: 29-09-2016
Granted to: dr. M.M. Lacle, dr. L.M.G. Moons
Title: Systemic molecular markers predictive for lymph node metastasis in patients with t1 colorectal cancer

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